Terms & Conditions


Any reservation which is reserved online CANNOT be considered FINAL or CONFIRMED until it is approved by one of our representatives along with the price. An email notification of the finalized confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided along with the price once the reservation is confirmed.


A fee may be charged to your credit card for any trip not cancelled within the allotted time. In order to avoid cancellation fees, customers must notify a customer service representative of a cancellation at least 12 hours in advance including Airports. Cancellations are accepted by replying this Email, Phone or Text at above listed number.


The passenger must notify our dispatch office 5 hours prior to pick up time of any flight changes or Full cancellation will be charged for the scheduled ride.


The passenger will be responsible for collecting all luggage + items when dropped at destination from vehicle. Lost baggage + items by airlines will be passenger’s responsibility and waiting time will be charged for waiting at the airport after the grace period has passed.


There is a 30 minutes grace period on Domestic Flight from the time the flight actually lands at the Airport. The waiting time will be charged after 30 mins at $1.00/Min.


There is a 60 minutes grace period on International flights. After that the waiting time will be charged at $1.00/Min.CUSTOMS ARRIVALS:Drivers will be kept at customs for an hour and 15 Mins for international flights and one hour for Domestic Flights. If no contact is made, the driver will be released and a full charge will be charged. If passenger contacts our dispatch office/driver and request the driver to wait, driver will wait and the wait time will be charged at $1.00/Min.


There is a 15-min grace period on Non- Airport Pickups. After the grace period a waiting time charge will be charged at $1.00/Min.


If any drink spills in the car, the passenger vomits in the car, car window or on the door (s). The penalty in the amount of $150.00 will be charged to get the car detailed. If there is any Interior/Exterior damage (s) caused to the vehicle by the passenger. There will be a penalty charge applied to the passenger or the billing contact.

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